Spa Services

Nail Services

Nail Services Include:Price
Classic Manicure$22
Shellac Manicure$38
Classic Pedicure$40
Spa Pedicure$55
Paraffin Treatment$10
Polish Change$12

Facial Services

Profile Salon and Spa uses unique facial treatment techniques combined with the market’s most trusted products to renew, repair and regenerate your skin. We can personalize a complete solution for your skin type that treats not only the signs of aging, but also clarifies skin texture and assists in resolving acne. We bring you our expertise and a range of cosmetic and beauty options to achieve the results you’ve always wanted.

Bioelements Custom FacialPrice
50 Minute$65

Waxing Services

Many men and women are turning to waxing these days as their go-to hair removal solution. It’s cost-effective, the clean smoothness lasts much longer than shaving, and there are minimal to no side effects. And of course, the trained stylists and estheticians at Profile Salon & Spa know how to do it in a safe and effective manner!

Waxing Services Include:Price
Lip or Chin$10

Massage Services

At Profile Salon & Spa, we believe that a professional massage from a licensed therapist can make a big difference in the process of revitalization. Aside from providing you with a renewed sense of energy when the treatment is completed, massage physically relaxes muscles, releases nerve compression, and provides relief for knots or tight tendons. The process also provides increased circulation, and allows for greater flexibility and range of motion in the time following a massage treatment.

Profile Salon & Spa currently offers on-site massage services through Health and Care Massage. To schedule your appointment, please call 616-951-5030.

Prenatal Massage

The perfect getaway for the expecting mother, this massage is designed to relieve the physical discomforts and stress that pregnancy brings. Reduced sciatic and back pain and improved circulation are some of the amazing benefits of this massage. Mothers-to-be need to be in their second or third trimesters of pregnancy to receive a massage.

Length of MassagePrice
½ Hour Massage$45
1 Hour Massage$70

Revitalizing Massage

Take the traditional Swedish massage to the next level with a renewing exfoliating coconut salt scrub for the back removed with soothing hot towels.

Length of MassagePrice
1 ¼ Hour Massage$90

Headache Relief Massage

Let the headache wash away as we work to relieve muscle tension and sinus pressure through several different techniques including trigger point therapy and energy balancing techniques.

Length of MassagePrice
¾ Hour Massage$55

Deep Tissue Massage

A very firm pressure is used for increased relief of deep muscle tension. A combination of deep isolated work and trigger point techniques are all combined to work out those overly stressed, tight problematic areas.

Length of MassagePrice
½ Hour Massage$55
1 Hour Massage$85
1 ½ Hour Massage$125

Hot Stone Massage

This ancient Native American healing art uses heated basalt stones that are massaged on the body to relieve muscle tension and stress. This is a very relaxing service where the heat of the stones penetrates deep into the muscles aiding in the release of muscle tension.

Length of MassagePrice
1 ¼ Hour Massage$100

Reflexology Massage

Who doesn’t love a great foot massage? During this massage we apply pressure to the reflex points in your feet that correspond to various body functions, and systems to help promote better health.

Length of MassagePrice
½ Hour Massage$55

If you have any questions about our comprehensive spa services or if you would like to schedule an appointment, please contact us at 616-784-6336 today.