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Beautiful You by Profile

Beautiful You by Profile

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Spruce up your look

Silky smooth skin awaits

Go on, spoil yourself

You'll be amazed at what difference a simple trim will do. But why stop there? Astound yourself and everyone around you with a completely new hair style that's perfectly suited for YOU!

Don't cringe when you think of waxing. It's truly not that painful. There are many benefits to waxing, such as enjoying silky smooth skin for longer than shaving allows.

Treat yourself to a complete make-over! Everyone needs to revitalize and rejuvenate their looks and spirit so make your appointment today to include your nails and make-up!

Receive complimentary salon services once a month

If you're battling cancer and are dealing with the effects of radiation and / or chemotherapy, Beautiful You by Profile will offer complimentary salon services once per month. You're beautiful, make sure to show it to the world! Call us for an appointment at 616-784-1819.

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